13 Sep 2012

A Writer in a Million

Every so often we come across an author that writes with not only a feel good factor about their plot lines and main characters, but also has that extra special bit of je ne sais quoi. That extra gifted *IT* factor. So it is with Jessica Degarmo who has the ability to turn her hand to a range of writing genre. I have read virtually all of Jess's books and only escaping time has stopped me catching up with the rest of them.

Therefore I became really angry recently when rough and downright shoddy reviews came in for her slightly different book entitled SIX WEEKS. The storyline is about the decisions of a young girl, concerning abortion. A difficult choice I guess at any time. The main gripe of the shoddy reviews being the ending which was left open ended as to which door she entered to make her choice. A clinic or a 'refuge'. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course. The point of this ending? It enabled the reader to mull over their own thoughts perhaps as to what the ending should be.......

I caught up with Jess recently and did an interview. We were both in a light hearted mood so I hope you enjoy it......

A Girly Chat With Jessica Degarmo

It was time for me to go visit Jess and I was excited. The sky was a beautiful deep blue, the sun was shining and fluffy white clouds were just waiting for me to soar high into the skies. 
I opened the broom cupboard and there nestling in the corner was my super charged,super slick, Nimbus 9 broomstick all covered in cobwebs. It hasn't been used for a while and it's always been my main source of travel when I take off to interview my guests. 
I gave it a good clean, popped on my hooded long black cloak and took to the skies to meet Jessica Degarmo on the other side of that great pond which divides us. I had a good tail wind and made good time. I was so thirsty though when I landed. However Jess was waiting with my favourite brew which I downed in one.
After much giggling we settled down and I began my interview.

Question1. Firstly Jess please introduce us to the fabulous author Jessica Degarmo and maybe you could also include your hobbies and interests.

(JLD) Hi, Tee! Nice of you to drop in! Well, I’m Jessica L. Degarmo, but please call me Jess. I’m a wife, a mommy, an insurance agent, a former country music DJ, the lead singer in a classic rock band, and a recent college graduate. Oh, and I write a bit, too.

Question2.  What about the books you have written? Tell us about the books without giving away any spoilers of course. I’m sitting here with bated breath :-)

(JLD) Well, I’ve written six books. My first, How to Meet a Guy at the Supermarket is a romantic comedy. Hooking Up was my first foray into a more literary romance (I guess) and Decisions is a straight up romance. Six Weeks is a true work of literary fiction, and The Storm Within and Historically Yours are the first and second, respectively, in my romance series, Johns Creek Second Chances. I guess you could say I’ve dabbled in a bunch of genres, and I’m not done exploring. I’ll have a paranormal book out by year’s end as well as a sequel to one of my other books (but you’ll have to wait and see to find out which one!) and I have a psychological thriller simmering on my cauldron.

Question3.  If you had the opportunity to co-write a book with a famous author from any time gone by, who would you choose and would you like to tell us why please.

(JLD) I’d love to work with LaVyrle Spencer. She’s the queen of lovely, meaningful, realistic romance, and I admire her greatly. She’s retired now, which bums me out, but I still consider her work to be a yardstick by which all other romances are measured.

Question4. (a) So then, you are given a unique opportunity to have just one of your books turned into a movie. Now which one do you feel would bring in the most revenue?

(JLD) Hmmm...sex sells, right? I honestly have no idea! The book I’d probably like turned into a movie the most would be Supermarket, as I pictured it in my head like a movie while I was writing it. I’d love Drew Barrymore to be my Quinn. Women like chick-flicks, and Supermarket is a chick-flick on paper. Chick-lit, for sure!

Question4 (b) Now, just who are you going to choose for the leading roles? This movie of course will outshine the 50 Shades trilogy. So keep that in mind.

(JLD) Well, I already billed Drew Barrymore for Quinn, so now let’s find some men... Hmmm....that hunk from Under The Tuscan Sun, the Italian one she finds when searching for the chandelier parts, he’s Trevor, definitely. As far as Mitch goes, maybe Tom Cruise? And Jason would have to be played by Matthew Mcconaughey. Ooh, this is fun! Do I get to interview the guys privately? I think, as the author, I should...

Well .....??? Maybe then if you take me along with you. You would definitely need a chaperone and I could ogle from behind my shades and large floppy sunhat. NOT that that would make me conspicuous of course.
It’s been hilarious talking to you Jess and we must do this again soon. Let me know what websites/blogs you want to mention and of course include links to your books.

(JLD) Thank you, lovely Tee! I’d love your readers to check out my website at www.jessicadegarmo.com. As far as my books go, you can find them all here: www.amazon.com/author/jessicadegarmo

So leaving Jess to muse over her leading men for the film shoot I then got back onto my trusty Nimbus and headed back home after making a detour around the milky way – just because I could :-)

(JLD) Sweep, er, fly safely, Tee! Hugs!


Veronice Ceccarelli said...

Yes, I've also read most (I think all but one) of Jessica's books, and of them all, I like 'Six Weeks' best.
There have been some poor reviews mostly because of the open ending, but I guess everyone's entitled to their opinion.
The thing is that are some problems that do not have a good solution. Only poor solutions and worse solutions. The problem of abortion is one of those things. (It should not, of course, ever be anyone's business than the woman's.)

Hannah said...

Great interview. Two lovely ladies that know how to write a book, or two! Thank you.

R.R.Jones said...

Aw you guys, that's a great interview tee, it comes over so natural.

Mike Church said...

The witch is back! Have been missing Tee's great interviews. Jess, so young, such talent, but I'm not remotely jealous!