11 Apr 2012


Not satisfied with selling endless books in the North of England, Simon Swift decided to hit the South Coast and made a pit stop in Brighton Sussex. As it was only a couple of hours drive from my home town I went down to support him. Whilst Simon was downstairs in the foyer signing and selling books I hurried up to the floor above which housed the books on Crime and managed to hand out quite a few of his Black Shadows information cards. They were eagerly grabbed.

This is the great new cover of Black Shadows

Simon Swift and Teresa Geering International Best Selling Authors

 Watch this space for the Casablanca Case soon to be released which is another Errol Black escapade. I have already read and reviewed it and it is equally as good as Black Shadows. Once you've made a friend of Errol Black you have a friend for life.


Errol Black said...

Great work, Tee. Many thanks, I love it!

Gerry McCullough said...

Excellent post, Tee. It's really great that you were able to get along to support Simon.
Congratulations, Simon – your book signings seem to be going really well. Of course, you have an excellent book to promote!

Anieb said...

It's really nice... I am just looking forward to it..Great post mate

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