25 Apr 2012

Circle Theorems Coming Soon .....

Simon Swift has written a new novel (novella) and the details are below. I have read this book and it's a doozy, so watch out for it folks.

Circle Theorems

A novella

Circle Theorems

A novella

By Simon Swift


  It’s June, 1936, New York. World Champ, Joe Louis, battered at the Yankees Stadium and violent robberies across the City; the Hindenburg floats into town as New Yorkers swelter in 106 degree heat; Harlem River bridges expanding and Detectives getting murdered.

  Private Eye, Dyke Spanner, has twenty four hours to live. The debts are piling up, the threats are coming in and his partner, Bowman, is violently brutalized and slain. Spanner knows that unless he finds $20,000 fast, he will be next.

  In walks Sabina Guest, timid, desperate and willing to do anything. She needs his help. Her sister Alicia, a beautiful, alluring model, has gone missing and she begs a reluctant Spanner to help. A $10,000 retainer and a midnight liaison, seal the deal.

  But he didn’t know it was gonna be a weekend in hell. Nothing is how it seems. Sex, murder, betrayal, porn stars, gangsters and corruption. Everywhere he turns…

  Circle Theorems is a hardboiled mystery.

From the author of the critically acclaimed BLACK SHADOWS and THE CASABLANCA CASE.

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