4 Sep 2011

Shasta Summer

This is the cover of my new book Shasta Summer.

Actually it's two books in one. It can be downloaded onto a kindle or if you prefer a book in your hands it can be purchased on Amazon here....


or here ....


or just put the title in the drop down menu and it pre-empts it for you.

It's published by Night Publishing and is a romantic fantasy time travelling novel.

Summer visits her aunt in the magical village of Shasta and discovers she has an unusual heritage .
There are many twists and turns in both books including a murder.
In the second book Summer now named Shasta (which will become clear as you read) decides to regress to her past life to change fate and save her lover Merlin.
The answer is in the book of course.

There are many positive reviews on Amazon which may help you decide if this is your kind of reading genre.
If it is then I hope you enjoy the read.

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