26 Sep 2011

Overall Shasta Summer in all her glory

This is how Shasta Summer now stands on Goodreads listings and it seems to be moving up constantly.

#73 Best Time Travel Fiction

#48 The Very Best Time Travel Romance

#9 Best Time Travel Romance

#1 THE Best Time Travel Romance

I'm not sure what the difference between Best time travel romance and THE Best Time Travel Romance is but to me it's 11 places which still makes me #1 Wahooo

Now if any of you lovely people feel inclined to go along and add a vote for me I might eventually sweep the board. AND I'd be ever so 'umble and grateful my lovelies.

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Gerry McCullough said...

Hi, Tee. I voted for Shasta Summer ages ago, but just now checked all four lists and realised I hadn't voted in all of them – so now I've done it. And I see you're still climbing in the other three – congratulations!