9 Feb 2011

Paragraphs of Power

So you've finished that wonderful book at long last and it's still in the draw unpublished.
OR maybe you've only done a couple of paragraphs. Why not pop over to Suzannah Burkes' blog called Paragraphs of Power and enter the February competition on there - I have - you only need a maximum of 300 words including the title (minimum 100).

Suzannah picks what she considers to be the 'top ten' and then it's thrown open in a voting system.
Don't listen to my ramblings about it. Hot foot over there and see for yourself.

Here's the link ........



R.R.Jones said...

Ah Tee, ever the helpful one.
Long time no see/write/communicate in any way, eh?

How's Erasmus coming on? Are the other two out now or what's going on there Tee? When do I have to dig my hand in my pocket for the others, lol.

I'm afraid I've completely dried up on the writing and being creative front; can't even be bothered to write my Blogs nowadays!!
It'll come back again, I'm sure...

I've written all the lyrics for a new album by the metal band, the singer only has to learn them now, poor bugger; sooner him than me, lol.
I also wrote a 9000 word story for a mate. Another guy I know is going to draw some pics, then we'll bind it and give it him for his 40th birthday.
I just hope he likes it, lol.

Right, see you around babe, take it easy and good luck to Arsenal against Barca tomorrow!

Soooz said...

Many thanks for the link to the Paragraphs of Power contest, Tee.
I very much appreciate it.