7 Feb 2011


A trip down memory lane ................



Becoming Johnny Nova is set in Southern California and is the story of Dave.
A wanna be alpha male and Rock star.

As a typical delinquent teenager he’s into drugs, and rock and roll while his main priority lies within his Levi jeans. This he satisfied when fifteen years old at the “Orange Delight” with Michelle. Riding home on his skateboard with the condom still in place as he had no idea where to put it.

His favourite pastimes is using weed, jamming and driving cars and bikes.
It’s nothing unusual to have a run in with the local cops and they are now on first name terms with Dave.

As the story unfolds he goes to correctional school whilst obeying his parents rule of also holding down a job. His graduation class photo is typical of the attending pupils. Twelve students, six school staff and one of the girls holding her new baby.

Jobs come and go as do girlfriends and wanna be bands. The one female constant in his life being Dianne a good friend.

Dave will do anything for a beer, weed, or a good jamming session and often does. Usually preceeded by the phrase …….. “Whatsgoingondude”

Becoming Johnny Nova is both humorous and in places quite poignant when a close friend dies tragically.

Getting to know Johnny Nova has been great fun and I’m sure a trip down memory lane for some of us.

Does he ‘get the girl’ and finally end up in a rock band?

I’m not telling you but you will be in for some surprises if you buy the book.

Recommended - Definitely.

ã Teresa Geering 06/02/2011

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