12 Jan 2011


Here is my review of Seithe.
A very dark explosive story by author Poppet.
Exactly the type of story my esteemed writing colleague Reg writes about. In fact I think I will post my copy over to him........

                            SEITHE -by POPPET

                          Review by Teresa Geering

Once again I have been blown away by the unique writing ability of author Poppet.

SEITHE is a journey of the senses and sensations with more than a hint of darkness about it.

The explosive opening begins with the main character Phoebe disillusioned by her current live in boyfriend. In an effort to calm down she takes a walk and comes across a different kind of nightclub.

Pravus Nightclub is not for the feint hearted as she soon discovers. On entry you are not only surrounded by freaked out ‘Goths’ but offered the house drink, a purple liquid called Gluhivien served up in a goblet. Phoebe accepts the drink and then begins to see the world in a different light. For a start she is inappropriately dressed, when she first meets Seithe.

Phoebe decides if you cant beat them, join them and goes back for a second return match. On this occasion she is dressed like for like - in full black with silver contact lenses, covered by dark shades. Her waist length obsidian black hair hangs loose.

Her second meeting with Seithe, (a professional computer hacker by trade) goes well and as the story moves on, he shows her the true meaning of the use of the senses and sensations through bareable torture and pleasure. Taking her body to delights she could only dream of in a twilight chamber of lascivious pleasure.

When he demands of her “become my child Phoebe, I’m trying to show you the Kingdom of Heaven” she bends to his will and accepts everything he has to offer. She is in love with his complete control of her, and decides she would rather die this alive than not have met him.

Back in the real world she takes time off from work. Firstly to get over her breakup with boyfriend Brian but also to spend more time with Seithe and all he has to teach her.

Further into the story you begin to ask yourself the question, is Seithe a fallen angel of God? a vampire? Diablo himself, or a good old supernatural being?

No I’m not going to tell you but his eyes change colour at will along with his hair!

Included in the story are Ellindt, Seithe’s female twin who has more than a passing interest in Phoebe for her own gains. Their brother Jowendrhan who makes a play for Phoebe and almost causes another clash of the Titans.

Finally Phoebe is offered what some would call the most precious gift of all, in an effort to win her affections.

Will she take it? Would she want it?

To enjoy Poppets’ Seithe you need to have a complete open mind, but I can assure you it is very addictive.

I defy anyone to copy the unique brilliance of author Poppets writing ability.

Thoroughly recommended with 5/5 stars

Ó Teresa Geering 12/01/2011

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Poppet Author said...

OOOH! Please do. I'd love to get a male POV on it too :D

Thank you Tee!! I love this review!