5 Jan 2011

Happy New Year folks and this is my first review of the year AND I can thoroughly recommend it.....

                                     LILYWHITE - ANTONIA MARLOWE

                                       REVIEW BY TERESA GEERING

Lilywhite in my opinion, is a modern day Cinderella story with a twist. This wonderful, romantic, love at first sight love story, comes alive under the very talented Antonia Marlowe.

Every once in a while I pick up a book and know that I will be hooked and unable to put it down until the finish. Lilywhite is such a book.

It gave me a fleeting impression of the never to be forgotten Jane Austen novel, Pride and Prejudice. Who can ever forget Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy?

The story opens as the main character Chloe is reliving a major car accident through the prologue. Then moving on to a year later in Australia she is now an editor and historical researcher for famous authors. Whilst editing the latest book she chances to meet the strikingly handsome Tom.

Over a cup of coffee in the local café whilst waiting for the rain to subside they get to know one another, but Tom senses Chloe is holding back.

Calling in a few favours through his connections and wealth, he is able to make discreet enquiries about the woman he has fallen for.

Little by little Chloe realises that she has also fallen for this wonderful dynamic man but is still reluctant to enlighten him of her past.

As the story moves on, John Stratton known to Chloe for all the wrong reasons, comes to Australia taking the storyline into a completely different direction.

Tom’s past love interest is added for a bit of extra flavour. The story then takes on a dramatic James Bond style effect as Tom fights to keep Chloe safe.

Will he succeed we wonder and at what cost?

……… This wonderful love story, at times action packed with Ex SAS operatives will thrill you during the adventure scenes and melt the heart of any frozen ice maiden during the love scenes.

Thoroughly recommended with 5 stars

Ó Teresa Geering 05/01/2011

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