7 Nov 2010


So your fresh out of a relationship because you were dumped.

What next? Well you could go for a 'hook up' (one night stand) as did the character in this book.
Just look at the consequences though .....


Caitlin Page Edison a paediatric physical therapist was raised by her grandmother from a young age when her parents died in a plane crash.

Moving on but never achieving closure of their death, she eventually gets into a ten year relationship with her childhood sweetheart Michael.

Unexpectedly and very abruptly Michael calls a halt to the relationship making comparisons to ‘an old sweatshirt’. It fitted, it’s comfortable but it’s now full of holes and stains.

Her grandmother who is completely besotted by Michael blames Caitlin for the break up.

Thoroughly dejected Caitlin takes solace in her two closest girl friends, one a virgin and the other a topless dancer whose routine includes a rubber chicken. An unlikely prop but one which I had to admit made me smile.

The answer to her problems she is assured is to go for a ‘hook up’ (one night stand), recommended by the latest magazine. Caitlin however forgoes the advice and leaves it to fate to sort out.

While she is out drowning her sorrows with her friends Michael removes most of the furniture and leaves her with just an arm chair a single end table, and a bed.

Caitlin in these dire surroundings tries to reassess her life. Manoeuvring the furniture is not an option as there is virtually nothing to move. So with a complete change of bed linen and new throw to remark her territory she gets on with her life.

After a month or so of being on her own and Valentines Day had come and gone with no results. She makes the momentous decision to go for the ‘hook up’. After all what was there to lose. She had her karate training as a back up.

In a black thong and push up bra, worn under a black tank dress, she slips her feet into a pair of stiletto heels, and with her dark hair worn loose, she’s dressed to kill.

Getting into her car she begins to cruise the town.

Coming across a sophisticated bar called ‘The Wave’ she is tempted inside. Seated with a good view of the other occupants she checks out the action and hones in on a good looking fella who fits the bill perfectly. After the usual introductions and some seductive words she invites him back to her place.

After a night of unbridled passion she awakes the next morning with misgivings and regrets and tosses him out.

However this man is not going to be put off and so the unexpected presents etc are left on the door step. Finally she agrees to go on another date with him and inevitably they end up back at her place again.

Eventually she notices he’s left a calling card. Reading it Caitlin then realises that she has been bedded twice by none other than Officer Ryan Ashford of Pittston Police Dept.....

As we move through the story we discover that Officer Ryan Ashford is recently divorced with a young son Benji the light of his life.

As the relationship between Caitlin and Ryan gets on a more steady footing, his ex wife comes on the scene and the custody battle for Benji ensues with many blows being struck sometimes literally.

Whilst this battle is being fought in the courts Michael then makes a reappearance encouraged by an unexpected source and Caitlin finds herself in a compromising situation....

To tell any more would give away the secrets of this exciting, page turner.

I was truly gutted when I realised I had read the last page as I wanted more.

The Acknowledgement at the end was an unexpected surprise and I found myself on the verge of a tear.

Very Highly Recommended



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Lorraine said...

I haven't read this one of Jessica's. I assume it is probably on Night Publishing? I'll go and have a read.