2 Nov 2010


Here is a review of  THE ARC by Paul A Rudd. This book convinces the reader that this could so easily happen.......



The Aquatic Research City (ARC) built by marine experts and subsidised by a billionaire, is home to a forty five foot shark which weighs in at over twenty tons. Due to a lack in security safety the Carcharadon Megaldon escapes into the open sea.

The build up in the first couple of chapters, sets a good background for the reader; however the story really takes off from the moment of the escape.

Reports suddenly begin coming in of unexplained occurrences at sea. Half of a female body is discovered. Strong ocean going boats are turned into matchwood. A helicopter pilot watches in amazement as a complete lifeboat and survivors are engorged by what......? Have her eyes deceived her?

Realisation that the Pacific Ocean is now the home of the King of the Sea, steps up the action.

The hero of the hour is a young palaeontologist Morgan Read, who saves the day. No I’m not going to tell you how.........

Paul Rudd in this debut novel takes us on a journey of carnage. Firstly through the eyes of the shark along with his insatiable appetite for anything that moves. Then in turn through his victims eyes as they get first view of this predator.

ARC is in my opinion extremely well researched. I could very easily compare it to the book/film ‘JAWS’ but I feel it holds its own superiority over JAWS and is worthy of standing in its own limelight.

It will be many a day before I dip my toes in the ocean again. There is no telling how fast the King of the Sea can travel or to where.

T.K. Geering 31/10/10

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R.R.Jones said...

Sounds good Teester, is it on NP or did you buy it somewhere else?