17 Aug 2010

So on a different note i've been on the  radio.
My local radio station KMFM on Sundays do a 'tell us about yourself ' programme. This is a brand new 'slot' and by coincidence I happened to be the very first to ring in. (I also got to know the DJ quite well).

They were very interested in the Eye of Erasmus and have been reading passages out on air from a  copy of the book I left in the studio. They are also promoting my publishers at every opportunity.
I have also now been featured on the infamous Adam Dowling KMFM blog.

This link is Emma the producer reading an excerpt. (The death of Agastines' sister Drendell the witch.) Unfortunately Adam the DJ - a notorious giggler - played Fleetwood Macs' Albatross as a background to it. He completely lost it and cracked up when Emma hesitated before continuing with the fatal words, but she bravely carried on.
I have listened to it twice now and I must admit I also cracked up.

When you click on the link it will take you to Adams' blog. Scroll down to the 'previous/next' button and click on previous. This will take you to 1st August blog. Where you see "Emma on the box" click the left button and it will play for you.


I gave them a signed copy each. No money for me but publicity all over Kent makes up for it. AND of course NP.

Strike two .... Kathleen McKenna gave me a wonderful review on Amazon stating she read the book in one sitting and compared me to Jean Auel the American author !!

I have also seen another pr-e-tt-y fair review which is coming up soon, along with an interview, from a new online reviewing site. As I understand it they also have a PR company that has joined forces with them. Once they are off the ground and they post it I will put the links in place.

OK so you twisted my arm. This is the sneak preview of the review then.
The review is by http://www.all-review.co.uk/ on my book The Eye of Erasmus
I will post the interview they did with me later.

.............. Eye of Erasmus by Teresa Geering.   Genre - Fantasy.

The author cleverly tells the story of Erasmus and follows his enchanted life. His birth had been foretold and his fate had been predetermined. Erasmus would develop through this tale into a handsome, clever, powerful, man, who could choose any woman he desired. In turn he was arrogant and saw others as beneath him. From a young age Erasmus had been gifted. He studied the stars forming his own charts, becoming an expert in his field and from early on his mother Agastine knew that he was a special child. He was her long awaited son after six daughters and she knew that he was destined to meet a woman of similar abilities.
His destiny was set and although he possessed magical powers, there were things he could not control. When Shasta came to him in a vision, he realises his future and using his powers, leaves his own time to be with her. In his new time Erasmus ` life completely changes. He finds love, something he has never felt before. His fate was being realised and life could not be better for him.
Shasta was the woman that Erasmus was predestined to meet. A kind hearted young, beautiful woman, who prior to meeting Erasmus, had taken in Hesperus, a young orphan boy who was crippled in an accident which had led to the demise of his parents. The child seems troubled but had made an instant rapport with Merlin, Shasta`s recently adopted kitten.
Now Erasmus has found love, he becomes loyal to Shasta and even treats Hesperus as his own son. But the relationship with him, does not seem so harmonious and Hesperus never seems to take to the new man in Shasta`s life.

The story, set in a time long ago; unfolds with imaginative turns. It quickly moves onto the next topic and does not dwell on the current subject keeping the reader enthralled.
The Eye of Erasmus is the first of a quartet and after reading this instalment, the reader will immediately want to follow on with the second.
In summary, Teresa Geering has written an enthralling story with incentive to continue reading the series. The Eye of Erasmus will appeal to all ages alike. It is a book that you will read on more than one occasion and I would recommend this book to all readers.


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R.R.Jones said...

Well it's all moving along nicely Tee.
Did you read what I put on the other Blog about my daughter's English teacher being interested in your book for her syllabus?
She hasn't phoned yet but if it works out you'll be quids in love.
Fingers crossed.