17 Aug 2010

Recently I attended the Goddess Festival in Canterbury. Very close by is the well known Canterbury Cathedral. It started off with a parade of dressed up look alike Gods and Goddess's. You name it and they were there. A friend and I ran a stall just for the day of fun, with bits and pieces that we make in our spare time. (When i'm not writing of course). I also took along a couple of my books - The Eye of Erasmus - and made a killing. I have been astounded by the fantastic feedback i'm receiving and several of the reviews are on Amazon with promises of others to come. So many likeminded people attended the parade and the stalls. It was great to see the spiritual side of people and bon hommie that we can generate if we just give ourselves the chance.
                                                       These are just a couple of pics of the products we had on our stall.
                                                       The candles are all scented with oils of different kinds and the armoa was perfect.

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