15 Nov 2016

I can hear the soft Irish brogue from over here

Hello my little chickadees.  How are you all? 

Oh for goodness sake it was just a general question, I'm not really interested, 

Ok... so what is it this time, manacle burns again?  

Oh!  mange and lice. 

Well if you insist on letting all that hair grow on your body.... 

Now go and sit at the back of the blog and sulk there. I’ve got an interview to do.

Fresh out of the dark side of my cave is an Irish Coleen by the name of Mary Bradford who hails from the Emerald Isle. 

Take it away Mary Bradford and tell us all about yourself,



Mary Bradford, is a mother and an expert in hugging, is a published writer of short stories in magazines, newspapers and anthologies both in Ireland and internationally, mainly in the United States. Her novel 'My Husband's Sin', contemporary fiction, is with Tirgearr Publishing. She writes historical westerns and adult romance also. Mary too, writes plays and has seen her work both short-listed and performed.

Where do you live?

I live in north County Cork in Ireland.


My hobbies include reading, crochet, cross-stitch, chatting with family and friends

Pets – furry or human

We have a Labrador, Buster and a cat, The Kitten.

What you do to chill out


Day job

I’m a stay-at-home Mother, so when not looking after my family, I read, craft or write

Tell me about your books. When you first started writing. How many completed. Work in progress?

I’ve been writing short stories for many years while the children were small. One day I started a short story that grew and grew which ended up being my 1st novel, My Husband’s Sin. It is traditionally published with Tirgearr Publishing. I have four books published and I am at present working on a sequel to my novel and I am editing another adult romance novella.

If you could have any animal from time immemorial as a pet for long freezing days and nights, what would you choose and why?

I love cats, so I would choose a cat to be with me always. I enjoy when my cat, The Kitten, curls up in bed with me and we snooze contentedly.

Do you prefer heat OR cold?

Mmm…. I would go for a happy medium. I am a cold person by nature but intense heat kills me. I am a-stay-in-the-shade person on sun holidays. But if pushed, I suppose I’d pick heat.

Fantasy holiday… Where would you choose to go if someone else was picking up the tab?

I really want to visit America.

Are you with a traditional publisher or self-published?

I am both. I am traditionally published with Tirgearr Publishing and I also self-publish my westerns in conjunction with The Writers of The West.

Favourite meal (hot and cold)?
Meal-wise, I love Shepherd’s Pie and also a chicken salad.

Favourite drink (hot and cold)?

Tea and still water.

How hard do you find book promotion?

Hard enough. It is a constant struggle to get your books out there. Every day, I try to connect with someone or a site that will help me promote. I find Facebook very good, I am not a great Twitter user. It is a very time-consuming part of being a writer.

Any tips or hints you’ve found that were successful for you in promotion?

I find helping other writers helps me. By sharing each other’s work on our blogs/websites, gives us opportunities to reach new readers. I do believe in what you give out you get returned.

Favourite genres to read and write?

I will read almost all genres except for sci-fi and fantasy. I like a good thriller and western. At present I am writing cross-genres, I have contemporary fiction, America 1800’s western feel, and adult/erotic romance, plus a small bit of horror written. I cannot say for definite but I am leaning towards contemporary fiction with paranormal thrown in. 

You’ve set up your own publishing house using FB writer friends to help run it. What would you name it?

Wow, I wouldn’t know where to start with it. A name? The Poison Pen, maybe?

Who would you choose to run the different departments?

I know so many writing friends that it would be easy enough to staff it I would think. But I wouldn’t like to name anyone as I am bound to offend someone by leaving them out!

As the owner, how would you ensure the FB staff achieved success?

I think by all of us doing the position we were given to the best of our ability, would make the company a success. Sharing the same success and being kind to acknowledge each other’s input would help us all.  

For information on all Mary's books and links, go to her Blog:  


 Laters Potatera


Mary T Bradford said...

Many thanks, Teresa for hosting me.

tee geering said...

It was my pleasure Mary

cathy mansell said...

Great interview Mary. Interesting stuff and I enjoyed reading it.