20 Jun 2015

Cyrils' Nuts

Hello my little chickadees

Well there I was sitting in the garden in my favourite bamboo chair, in the Mock Orange arbour which is just coming into bloom. A good friend shaped the bush so that I could sit there at my leisure and either write my books or watch the sun go down in the west as I inhale the beautiful perfume.
Tonight Iwas watching the sun go down.

Suddenly there was a noise by the fence. I assumed it was the collared doves who have been doing a lot of billing and cooing lately along with the pigeons. When they land on the fence it's with a mighty thump. Anyway I digress. i turned to see what was there and ... nothing!! Obviously a change of mind about disturbing me. Mind you I'm sitting quite close to their feeding area. I turned back to enjoy the sun setting and there it was again. I turned so quickly I almost strained my neck but it wasn't playing me for the fool again. 

Sitting there grinning at me was Cyril the flipping Squirrel.

"Well don't just sit there Cyril, come and join me. Besides I'm getting neck ache from this angle."

"Are you going to tell me off Tee?" 

"Why would I do that Cyril? It's far to warm to get raspy with garden animals."

He edged his way down the fence and sat on the upright log in front of me watching patiently.

This little tinker and his family have driven me nuts over the last few years. Digging up newly planted tubs, flower beds etc, and then making holes in the garden for me to trip up in. All in the name of burying his winter stash of nuts.

I caught him watching me with his head slightly to the side wondering what was going through his little brain.... Probably eyeing up a new place to bury his nuts. I suddenly realised that his coat looked a different colour from the last time I saw him. It looks more grey now (Certainly not 50 shades of ...) Perhaps he's getting a bit old. 

"So then Cyril what have you been up to since i last saw you?"

"Oh a bit of this Tee and a bit of that. You know I like to keep you on your toes. Actually in some cases (recently for instance) flat on your face, I saw you take a nose dive from my hideaway in your trees." 

"I often sit up there watching you when you're weeding and planting. It passes the time away for Cyrilina (the Mrs) and myself. I'm surprised you haven't heard us chattering and having a bit of a giggle at your expense. Here is a picture of us but she's a bit shy." 
"Just to give you a heads up I've planted some more nuts in your wild garden, Oh! and some in your planter by the shed." 

"Cyril this is not on mate. I give you free run of my garden. I've never complained when I've tripped over the holes you've made. And how about when I put all those pansies in my planter last year and you dug them up to hide your stash. They had only been in overnight! Oh and what about when you chased that bird around my garden because he was trying to eat some apples I put out. You're supposed to share the food!"

"Yeah I'm sorry about that Tee. He was an ugly mutt though and I've never liked him. He watches where I put our food and then tries to dig it up. He's nearly as bad as those pesky magpies. I'm getting a bit forgetful these days and the Mrs has to dig up everything so that she knows where it is. Sometimes she forgets to cover it over  again but then she has a lot on her mind at the moment. Did I say we will be having some extra mouths to feed this winter? No? Well I'll try and keep them under control. We had an awful time trying to find a new home when your tree blew down in the winter storm. Thank goodness you had other trees in the garden.

"Oh see now I feel bad about the way I have been running you down to other folk."

"Well maybe we have both learnt something during our chat."  Oh by the way, did you know I have a Facebook page? Our mutual friend Jim set it up for me. You just have to search for Cyril the Squirrel. Right then I can't sit here chatting all night the Mrs will have my nuts grilled for her own dinner."

"Come back and chat some other time Cyril and don't be so nervous next time. I honestly don't bite." 

As he climbed back up the fence he turned and looked at me with his 'another sucker won over' look and popping a nut into his mouth (a gift for the Mrs no doubt) disappeared into the trees to find Cyrilina. 

I was left pondering where he had hidden it during our chat.

Sighing I poured a glass of wine and continued to watch the sun go down. Then I would fill in all the holes made in my planters and the holes in my grass. Two can play his game. 

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