31 Dec 2014

And so the year ends

Hello my little chickadees

And so another year ends. It's been a strange year of ups and downs. I started my blog again and it's been very successful it seems. The most popular blog being "Sci fi at it's best" in September 2014.

My previous publisher in San Francisco closed and I sat rocking for a while. Then out of the blue I was asked to join the Thorstruck Publishing House. My books were republished under the title of SOULFATE and I have gone upwards in leaps and bounds ever since. Most of the previous publishers authors had already joined Thorstruck and as usual I was late to the party. However once I got there I made my mark and am enjoying every moment.

I have had the opportunity to help a new writer (close friend) to start his first book. It's been floating around in his head for a while (we've all been there) and finally it's starting to take shape. Here is a link to his blog.

So as I welcome 2015 I wish you all a happy New Year and hope that all our wishes come true.


Laters Potaters

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