30 Oct 2014

Broom Stick to Cape Town

Hello my chickadees

Well I got the old nimbus 9 broomstick out of the cupboard and dusted it down ready for my flight to Cape Town. The pointy hat was perched on my head at a jaunty angle. I had my Nora Batty green striped wooly tights on, my buckled shoes were shiny and I was off with black cloak flapping in the wind. I got as far as the first star to Venus then I turned straight round and came back. I'd forgotten Pyewacket. He was not amused and growled at me as only cats can. After giving me an ear bashing he jumped on the broomstick and we started again. I'm sure he said "for goodness sake get a move on" or words to that effect. He has a flowery tongue when he's in a mood. So with his ears slicked back and my hat held on with my knicker elastic we were off. I prefer to travel by night it's quieter.

Stowed on the back in a holdall I had a change of clothes and cat food. Not everyone likes to be interviewed by a witch, It can be off putting I suppose. Pyewacket is bad enough when he gets a strop on. Anyways I was off to interview Elaina Davidson and at least it would be warm there. i love the heat. As I passed Hesperus the Evening Star I went into cruise control which gave me the opportunity to think about Elaina and the questions I'd prepared.

  • What makes her tick for instance? I knew that like me she loved time travel stories, and was a galactic and universal traveller and dreamer. Her writing was inspired by her travels and dreams.
  • She was born and bred in South Africa and grew up in the magical city and surrounds of Cape Town. After studying Purchasing Management and working in the formal sector as a buyer, she chose to raise and school her children at home. Then they decided to live for some time in Ireland and then subsequently in New Zealand. At the end of the day her roots pulled her and the family back to South Africa. Elaina once mentioned that the vibrancy of Africa had a lot to do with the inspirational side of her work. Something was always going on whether it was something to shock or something to uplift. I was looking forward to seeing the diversity of nature itself which she assured me would fire my imagination.
  • I knew that her novels had started being written around 2002 which started out as children's stories and poetry and then expanded into larger works.
  • Then there was that lightbulb moment she spoke of. 

I slowed the broom down for a bit while I collected my thoughts. The more info I got straight in my head now, meant less work to do when I got there. Yes the lightbulb moment. What was that all about? Oh yes, something about The Infinity Mantle is the first LORE volume and is about Rayne being gathered to become something greater than he initially suspects. His journey had started as an unwilling sorcerer forced into action by the manipulations of an ancient enemy. 

I'd asked how Rayne's journey had come to light and it apparently happened when Elaina paged through a book on Alchemy, a dictionary of terms.She had wished that she could remember the author, to thank her for the proverbial light bulb moment. However she did recall the fourteen steps to alchemical perfection listed that started LORE’s creative process. To further add impetus to creativity, Elaina had a dream before the said light bulb moment and she was convinced, upon waking, she possessed those volumes penned while upon a dream mission ... she simply had to find them ... or write them.

Yikes...!! I was so intent on my thoughts that I almost head butted  a star. Anyway Elaina claims that is how her literary journey began and with her lovely family to support her it continued. I just needed to meet up with her in person, and confirm all these notes and with a bit of luck, learn how to share her vision.

 It was starting to get light now  as I glided down towards the scorched earth ready to land. Pyewacket started to get twitchy as he always does when we land. I'm ok going upwards but when I come down, I usually end up in an undignified heap. This time was no different. The hat was hanging round my neck by the knicker elastic, while the cloak was wrapped around my waist. I was in a right muddle. I yanked the cloak and hat off and changed toot suite into something more suitable. At least my bearings were correct and I was in the right place to meet Elaina.There she was marching towards me and as I looked around I could see what she meant by the diversity of nature and why she loved Africa so.

We got to know one another over a cold drink and then Elaina began to talk about her books. Boy was she animated. She almost bubbled with enthusiasm, so I left her to talk randomly.
"Ah my books yes, well there is my friend Thomas Henson which is a self published story, and I intend to write three more about him. Also I intend to put a new cover on the first one which I should have soon. Then there's The Infinity Mantle, The Kinfire Tree, The Drowned Throne, The Dragon Circle - the four Lore of Arcana books all published by Wild Wolf Publishing. Epic fantasy of course. The Lore of Arcana (Companion) is self published which are the extras for the aforementioned books.
Now we have the Thorstruck publications. There's The Tinsal Deck which was the first, then Lattice which is a collection of 14 stories. The Kallanon Scales is book one of Lore of Reaume. Then next will be The Nemisin Star, The Sleepers Sword and the Dreamer Stones which make up the fore Lore of Reaume books.

For once I stood there with my mouth open. So many books Elaina that's amazing. Then I took a picture of her for the write up whilst she was grinning wildly. I loved it - a gorgeous picture.

"So Elaina Can we have a look at some book covers and links please?"
"Yes of course Tee. Here ya go, links first."


FB Author Page


Book Pages:

Having gathered all the information I needed, I reluctantly left Elaina while I changed back to my flying clothes. Waving goodbye I loaded Pyewacket on the front of the Nimbus and took off homeward bound via the milky way. Not a good idea to fly too close to the sun at this time of the day.

Laters Potaters.


Elaina Davidson said...

Tee, thank you! Absolutely brilliant as always, and I think you captured my crazy side sooooooo well! xx

Monique Lomino said...

I love this interview and I also happen to love Elaina,she is such an amazing author and human being. I'm also hopelessly addicted to her writing :D

Suzannah Burke said...

Tee you have done a wonderful job with this one, and Elaina is such an awesome lady and author. You made me chuckle...you and your knicker elastic!

tgeering said...

Lol I aim to please ladies x