10 Sep 2014

Billie No Mates

Hello my little chickadees

Recently on the Thorstruck FB page I came across a lovely fella called Jeff Blackmer. Like me he was a sort of Billie no mates. It came about due to all the Thorstruck authors 'buddying up' to assist each other in the editing process. i.e. "You edit my book and I'll reciprocate by editing yours."

Jeff and I both realised that we had nothing sitting waiting for editing so we decide to blog each other instead and hold up on the buddying system until later. It's my turn to blog him first and then he's going to turn the tables on me. So then first of all a little bit of info on the man himself. Take it away Jeff...

Nice relaxed picture by the way....

Having lived there almost all his life, where he and his wife raised their four children, Jeff is pleased to call Portland, Oregon, his home. In retrospect it was almost perfect synchronicity; a very early passion for reading and writing, growing up just a few blocks from the library, in a city well known for its many bookstores; what other vocational choice made sense but writer? 
Early indications predicted Jeff would focus on science fiction since he devoured all the local library had to offer. After begging his mother to use her typewriter at age eight he even began to write his first story, but the stories of Ray Bradbury threw an element of fantasy into the mix, and a sudden and unexpected fascination with ancient history added yet another dimension to his ideas. 
After receiving his BA in English with a minor in writing he worked for several years as a technical writer, but the novels would wait no longer. He published Draegnstoen, a historical fantasy, in early 2011, followed by the sequel Highland King before the end of that same year. Gears of Uriel goes into far greater depth with spiritual ideas first hinted at in Highland King. The first of a trilogy, the next one being Tyrian. Jeff hopes to someday get back around to Science Fiction, this time without the typewriter.

So tell us about your books then Jeff? 

Product DetailsProduct Details

I’m an author of Historical Fiction/Fantasy with two novels published on Amazon; Draegnstoen andHighland King. Both of these novels are set in 5th century Britain. I enjoy looking for times and places in history where there are ‘gaps’, niches were there may be untold stories, where, if told well, seem as if they could have actually happened.

I’m also doing final edits on my latest novel, Gears of Uriel, another historical fiction/fantasy with a spiritual/metaphysical flavour to it. It’s somewhat different, but I've already begun the sequel to it – Tyrian.

Preface to Gears of Uriel
I was supposed to be a Science Fiction writer. This genre consumed my childhood and teenage years. I read every single science fiction novel at my local library and my great desire was to add more to the canon of Asimov, Clarke, and Bradbury.
But a few unexpected things happened. Ray Bradbury flavored my science fiction with fantasy; and the fantasy found other paths to explore.
I developed an intense interest in history; not all history, but certain times and peoples called out to me and I desired to tell their stories. I wrote Draegnstoen, a Historical Fiction/Fantasy, and Highland King, the sequel.
Then I had an unexpected spiritual awakening which took me away from organized religion and brought me to my own individual spiritual journey. This story, The Gears of Uriel, is the first of three books to metaphorically discuss that journey.
There is a device, which I learned about a few years ago, constructed of brass gears, called the Antikythera Mechanism. It was discovered in the midst of a shipwreck, in 1901, off the coast of Antikythera, Greece. For many years no one had any idea of what it was or did. However, not too many years ago, scientists determined this apparatus was constructed around 150 BC and when functional, accurately predicted the motions of Earth, the Moon and known planets as they orbited the sun. After carefully studying it, scientists built an exact replica and found it is accurate even now, able to predict the location of planets and future eclipses. The original is on display in the Archeological Museum in Athens, Greece.
The Antikythera Mechanism is an anachronism, as unusual as finding a laptop computer among the ruins of an early American ghost town. No one knows its story, but to me it was an ideal metaphor for telling this tale of inspiration; of truth in an age of ever increasing ignorance. It was the perfect vehicle for telling my story. 

So there you have it folks and if you're into fantasy as I am you will love this series of books I'm sure.

Here are the links to Jeff's books for you.

Link to Jeffs books on Amazon

Laters potaters

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R.R.Jones said...

Jeff, your books look right up my alley, I will be reading them... or better put, they're on my to-read list.
You know the form, mate.