27 Aug 2014

It's back and I'm back

Hello my little chickadees

Finally, finally I've got around to resurrecting my blog. It has a new look courtesy of Richard Grayling of Grayling Media Projects. Watch out for that name and his new website coming soon. There will be more about this in my next blog.

The aim of this new blog will be to promote my fellow authors of Thorstruck Press. Amazing talented authors who write in many genres. They're all pretty special actually and we look on each other as family. I intend, if they agree, to put up tasters of their soon to be released and perhaps already published books so that you can get a flavour of what is on offer from Thorstruck Press Publishing House.

Some of the authors are like me, Ex Taylor Street whose books I have already read and reviewed. Thorstruck took us under their wings, dusted us down, wiped away our tears and gave us a new look.

Author Poppet who many of you know (she's written so many books I wouldn't know where to start) is our one in a million Editor. Name it and she does it. I take my hat off to her. She has put her writing on hold at the moment to work with us. As a thank you I would like to make a point of promoting several of her books. (I make no excuses for that)

So watch this space for some exciting reading/tasters from Thorstruck.

I also intend to promote others who have helped me on my journey to Wonderland. Richard Grayling (Grayling Media Projects) back in the day put his writing on hold to promote me and with his exceptional help I am where I am today. Thank you Richard.

There will also be personal newsy bits from me every so often. You really didn't think I would leave myself out did you? :-)

Laters potaters


Hannah said...

Wonderful idea all over, Tee darling. I'm at your service as the Holland-based member of the Thorstruck family. Use me as you see fit. :D

Monique Lomino said...

Your blog is fantastic :)

R.R.Jones said...

Yay, Tee's back.x373

Elaina Davidson said...

Great idea, Tee, and we're behind it all the way! Go to it! xx

Jo said...

Great blog, look forward to reading more :)

Bev Allen said...

love the blog Tee