25 Aug 2011

Frequently I've featured Gerry McCullough's book Belfast Girls on my blog and now it's her husband Raymond's'  turn.
So take a look at this and see if it's your sort of thing.

The Whore and her Mother:

 9/11, Babylon and the Return of the King

 Now available on Amazon Kindle, Kindle, UK & Kindle, Germany.

Did the Hebrew prophets foretell the events of 9/11?

Are they relevant to our world today? 

'Mega-Babylon' - where is it?

The Hebrew prophets – from Isaiah and Jeremiah, to the apostle John, spoke of a city and nation they referred to by the codename, 'Mega-Babylon'. Have these prophecies been fulfilled already? What about Daniel's 'writing on the wall?'

Is Mega-Babylon the Roman Catholic Church?
A world super-church?
Rebuilt ancient Babylon?
Brussels, Jerusalem, or somewhere entirely different?
Should this city/nation have a large Jewish population?
Why all the talk about merchants, cargoes, commodities, trade?

Can we rely on the words of these ancient prophets?
If so, what else did they foretell that is still to be fulfilled?
Do they refer to other major nations – USA, Russia, China, Europe?
What about militant Islam?

My background is in lecturing, publishing and radio/TV, but previously I ran a construction business. I still love to know how things are put together – buildings, origins of words, phrases – so I have used a similar approach in exploring, what I believe to be, an extremely important and relevant topic.
Review from Authonomy.com:

"... AMAZED when I read this book ... in awe of your extensive knowledge on so many levels: Christian, Jewish, and Muslim culture; the Jewish diaspora ... Greek & Hebrew; and your panoramic view of history through a biblical world view ... thought-provoking and troublesome ... many will be offended, but you consistently build your case instead of being sensationalistic."
  James Revoir, author of Priceless Stones

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Celtic Roots Radio said...

Go raibh mile maith agat (thanks a lot), Tee – much obliged! {:-{>

(Btw, check out my 'Irish Craic' blog @ celticootscraic.blogspot.com)

Celtic Roots Radio said...

er, that would be: celticrootscraic.blogspot.com {:-{>

Gerry McCullough said...

You're such a darling, Tee – thanks so much!
This book has been hailed as a prospective bestseller. With the way things are going in the world at the moment – see any news bulletin – it seems to be out at just the right time to suggest some meaning to things.