13 Jun 2011


The lovely Hannah Warren has done an interview of me.

Here is a snippet...........

Interview with NP author Teresa Geering

This is the part I most like to play. How I love it to be able to announce the birth of yet another book by one of my friends. This time the talented prose writer and poet Teresa Geering (lovingly called Tee) is the lucky gal. On Tuesday 7 June her second book Shasta Summer came out and Teresa will tell you all about it herself. Tee writes mainly fantasy and her style is lyrical and precise with the feel of a warm, pleasant summer evening to it. Exactly the time to pick up one of her books and immerse yourself in it in your hammock.

A bit about Tee’s personal life: ........................

To see the rest of this lovely interview you need to go here


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R.R.Jones said...

Aw, it was a lovely interview tee, just right for the publishing of your book.
I hope it does well for you.x