1 Dec 2010

Booker Prize Contender

I have just finished reviewing Belfast Girls and I sincerely believe it has the potential to be shortlisted for the 2011 Booker Prize.
I do hope I've done it justice in this review.....




Belfast Girls is primarily about the lives of several friends, totally unaffected by different religious beliefs which is considered against all the rules.

As we move through the years, the writing expertise of Gerry McCullough, cleverly shows us how lives can be so deeply affected by religious and political issues of the Irish nation. Yet strength of friendship can still maintain and provide solidarity.

The story begins within the fashion world, and we learn that Sheila Doherty has survived the gangly carrot top teenage years and matured into a beautiful, green eyed, red haired super model walking the famous cat walk.

Nicknamed the Ice Maiden through indifferences in her personal life she contentedly lives up to the image.

Her friends pass through her life at various stages, including her original love interest John Branagh a reporter with BBC TV. Will they ever get together I kept asking myself?

We watch with bated breath, as drug gangs intent on holding their territory to the extent of murder are introduced into the story. Close friends from childhood, each following their own political viewpoint.

As we move on to the closing chapters, we observe Shelia Doherty now an international star walking the famous cat walk for Delmara Fashions. Suddenly hooded gunmen break in and in the mayhem Shelia is kidnapped due to mistaken identity …………..

BELFAST GIRLS for me has been an absolute pleasure to review. This is a story that held my interest from beginning to the unexpected ending.

Like many other readers of BELFAST GIRLS, I would certainly recommend it as a 5 star read.

A serious contender for the 2011 BOOKER PRIZE

 TKGeering 30/11/2010


Gerry McCullough said...

Tee, your insight and your sensitivity as a reader/critic are marvellous. I really appreciate this review which approaches my book as something more than a romance. Not that there's anything wrong with a book which is purely a romance - I love 'em - but I did mean Belfast Girls to go deeper, as you have realised. Thank you!

Simon said...

Another great review, Tee. And I have to agree with your bold and eyebrow-raising header! Gerry is a wonderful writer. Good work x

Genevieve Graham-Sawchyn said...

Gerry, congrats. I read some of your book a long time ago on Autho, and loved it then. I wish you all the best on it.

Tee! I didn't know you were such a good reviewer! I'll have to keep that in mind for Jan 2012.