2 Sep 2010

The Paranormal - Goosebumps or Not

I was over sneaky beaking a look at another website "Authors on Show".
I don't get the chance to get over there much, but I noticed that at the moment, Lorraine Holloway-White who is a medium and also administrator of the site is looking for any kinds of stories regarding the paranormal.
Here is a passage from Lorraine's blog............

                ...................Recently, I asked if anyone would like to share their paranormal experiences with me for my latest book. This is to be a book with a difference. Instead of just your stories, I shall add explanation using my mediumistic skills.
The idea came about as so many people all over the world, have sent queries to me, which they wanted me to explain. It occurred to me that this could make an interesting book.
As with books of this kind, there is to be no payment made to individuals who wish to see their experiences in print. Those selected will, however, receive a free explanation by return of e-mail about their experience, and what it may have meant, in advance of it being used.

They have been flooding in, but I need many more from all over the world. If you have an experience you would like to share, please contact me at:


You can read more about spiritual matters, or read some of my books at http://askamedium.wordpress.com/ ................

So there you have it folks. If you have any unexplained paranormal stories tucked away in those dark recesses, get to it and email Lorraine with the details at the address above. It may well be featured in her next book AND she may be able to help you out with an explanation.

At the moment I'm trying to collate details of books to promote on here ... Watch this space because once I start there will be some magnificent reading to be had. I only pick what in my opinion is the best of the crop and it isn't easy when they is so many good books to choose from.


Lorraine said...

Gosh, how incredibly kind of you, thank you. I'd love to think some of your followers may have something for me, or maybe they know someone else who has an experience to share?
I really am very touched and grateful, thanks again, Lorraine x

Anonymous said...

I've put the link to this blog on my private site. x